Event Storming Session
Event Storming Session

Developing a comprehensive understanding of business systems is hard work. It usually involves high-level modeling or complex process mapping. This can be a highly technical and laborious process that involves a lot of trial and error. Creating BPMN diagrams or UML schematics can be very useful in understanding the broader functioning of a business, but they are fundamentally technical in nature and can exclude non-technical domain experts.

Domain-Driven Design

Domain-Driven Design is a methodology that establishes a technology-independent language that allows for a detailed understanding of business needs and processes. …

Guide to standard operating procedures
Guide to standard operating procedures

Every organization needs a set of rules to guide its members. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are established for this purpose. SOPs are an essential part of any business and are necessary to ensure the quality and consistency of organizational operations amid the busyness of daily work.

This post will help you as you write your organization’s own standard operating procedures effectively and make them part of your day-to-day management approach. It explains and includes,

  • What are SOPs
  • Different SOP formats
  • How to write SOPs and best practices
  • Editable SOP templates

What Are Standard Operating Procedures

Standard operating procedures are a set of written guidance on…

10 biggest project management challenges
10 biggest project management challenges

If the project is a ship, project management is its sail. Project management is what provides a directive to a particular project so that it could be steered towards success. However, one might face unprecedented project management challenges when executing a project.

Creately, together with the Proofhub team and its Chief Marketing Officer Vartika Kashyap, hosted a Twitter Chat, intending to shed light on the 10 biggest project management challenges and how to avoid them.

Given below is a curated list of the challenges and the replies of participants, on addressing them.


  1. Dismantling silos and build an environment that encourages…

Most project managers know that creating the project plan is only the start of the project management journey. All the careful planning and forecasting don’t count for much if there isn’t a concrete way to execute the project plan. And with most projects having so many moving parts, creating a schedule that is actionable and takes into account all the realities of the project can become the most critical part of the project management process.

What is Project Scheduling?

A project schedule is your project’s timeline, it consists of all the sequenced tasks, activities and milestones that need to be completed in a certain…

Working capital refers to the capital or cash reserves of a business that is utilized to conduct its day-to-day operations. This is calculated by deducting the current liabilities against current assets. An effective working capital management strategy will help an organisation maximise profitability and liquidity. Inventories, trade receivables and cash (in hand and at the bank) are the main components of current assets. Trade payables, bank overdrafts and short-term loans are categorized under current liabilities.

Thriving Vs. Surviving

An analysis done by the globally renowned auditing firm PwC on the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak states that in times of crisis, businesses should…

Teams around the world are now well entrenched in the concept of remote work. Over the last year and a half, there have been learnings, frustrations, and some great breakthroughs in team dynamics, organizational culture, and overall productivity.

Companies have had varied success in their shift to remote work. But the most successful organizations have realized one thing, that remote work is not as simple as implementing a structure that existed when teams were co-located.

Distributed teams feel more empowered when they have greater flexibility and autonomy. The ability to make your own schedule and prioritize various tasks in a…

Competitive advantage is at the core of an organization’s performance in markets where there is heavy competition. It sets an organization apart from its competitors and paves the way for higher profit margins, greater return on assets, and accumulating valuable resources.

There are many ways to achieve a competitive advantage but only two basic types of it. In this post, we will be looking at the concept of competitive advantage and the steps an organization can follow to achieve and sustain competitive advantage through cost advantage and differentiation.

What is Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage stems from the value an organization is able to create…

One of the very few things in the world that are not subjective is efficacy. Efficacy is measurable and is often looked at in terms of results produced. As an educator, a teacher’s productivity is often assessed in the positive changes added to the classroom. Needless to say, given how diverse student behaviors are, you can sometimes face unprecedented challenges. With a diverse class where students are not engaged enough, classroom management needs a top-notch approach. As a teacher, when you blend your vast knowledge with result-oriented classroom management strategies, you catapult massive positive changes.

The impacts of a teacher’s…

An essential part of the continuous delivery system of product development is the management and implementation of a product backlog. It is a critical component of the Agile process and is the core of the delivery cycle. It allows teams to deliver value in short, iterative increments which focus on the end-user.

What is a Product Backlog?

A product backlog is a prioritized set of desired functionality that contains all the necessary items to complete a product release. It contains everything from new features, enhancements, technology upgrades, and bug fixes. …

A project typically involves teams from different departments. As usually these teams speak and think in completely different ways, it often leads to communication challenges that will eventually thwart the results expected from the project.

Aligning these disparate groups is key to delivering a quality product. To do so, you need to properly document what is expected from each team, leaving no room for confusion. One such document is the creative brief. This single document briefly clarifies the scope, deliverables, and deadlines specific to the creative requirements of a project.

In this post, we will discuss what a creative brief…


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